Friday, 26 January 2007

Introducing - Ali

Hi, I'm Ali. I live at Le Couvent in Roujan, the village just down the road from Domaine Bourdic. I used to work as a broadcaster and TV voice-over artist in London so, chances are, I'll have been in your sitting-room some time or another. Living in rural France is rather less glam than urban Soho but I wouldn't change it for the world. The closest thing to the Victoria Line rush hour here is the 9a.m. queue at the bakers.

It's unexpectedly cosmopolitan though. You can drive anywhere - Moscow if you feel like it or Barcelona for lunch. You can take a ferry to Casablanca or Corsica. Curiously, our horizons have widened here - there are so many possibilities leading right from our door-step.

The first time I met Hans and Christa was during their music festival. A Canadian string quartet was playing Mozart in their wine-cave. It was sweltering, but, my, they were good. Thirty of us ate supper and drank chilled red wine at half-time and watched the sun set over the hills. It was magical, a complete surprise. Lucky us.

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