Tuesday, 16 January 2007

What's the idea?

OK, you're stuck for a present, or you've always wanted to produce your own wine.

When you adopt vines at Domaine Bourdic you can watch them grow, learn about vines, seasons, weather, France and probably a bit about yourself.

You can come to the harvest (vendange) and learn a bit of French on the way. You can learn about the blending of wines, witness the bottling and, just to impress your friends, you can have your own labels on you wine. For each vine (pied) that you adopt, with a minimum of twelve, you will receive a bottle of wine.

When you come to visit your vines you'll stay at the highly-rated Le Couvent B&B where your hosts Lizzie & Ali will look after you equally as well as Hans & Christa look after the wines.

Isn't it time you or a good friend deserved a present?

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