Friday, 29 October 2010

Day of assemblage

Our day at Bourdic started with croissants and coffee in amongst the sun drenched vines,it was a beautiful day and the 4 of us were really excited. Hans and Christa made us feel very welcome and soon we moved into the cool cave ready to start work!

We spent the session before lunch discovering our taste buds and learning to distinguish salt,sweet, bitter and acid on different parts of our tongues. We practiced at first with water and then embarked on the wine, meaning we had to also learn the finer points of using a spittoon. A merry time was had by all.

A truly delicious lunch had been prepared by Christa with fresh salad leaves that had been beautifully dressed, lovely boeuf bourguignon, a board of local cheese , all topped of with a tarte tartin and accompanied by their own range of wines.

After lunch we set to identifying the smells(bouquet) taste,color and characteristics of merlot, tempranillo,shiraz and grenache grapes. Finally we were prepared to now blend our own using these 4 grapes in our own test tubes and bottles, it looked very scientific. Hans closely monitored our efforts and offered advice and expertise to help us keep the flavor of our wine balanced. We each made our very own bottle and then stuck on our own labels, inserted the cork and the foil-Hans had even printed individual labels with our name on.

All in all an unforgettable day where we learned loads about wine and and the delicate process of making subtle flavours. Going home with our red/blue tongues and clutching our bottles we realized that we had taken part in a once in a lifetime experience -one we would not forget.

Thank you Hans and Christa-for your hard work before the day as well as on the day itself .I urge you to spend a day at Bourdic and guarantee that you will treat a bottle of wine with greater respect and knowledge in the future!

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