Thursday, 8 February 2007

The Deux Pieds website is now in German too

Christa and I spent this morning here at Le Couvent working on the Deux-Pieds website. We were doing the German version, and the photo on the right shows Christa looking up a word in her mother tongue. She's been here so long, and has to rattle around German, French and English, that she's forgotten the technicalites. But between that, and trying to type German with an English keyboard, it took us a while. There are just a couple more pages to translate and then it will be available to the world. Then we'll do it in Dutch.

Hans and Christa are almost at the end of the winter pruning. When you see how many vines there are here, you'll understand why it must be a huge relief to get it done. It's all carried out by hand, using motor aided secateurs. If I can sneak a photo of them in full winter pruning garb I'll put it here to show you.

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