Tuesday, 6 February 2007

Translated composition of Hans

Looked on the wine process at "Signore Soldati" in Tessin

Played Bach on the piano

Bought wine with my father and uncle at "Winzer Mathieu" in Wallis

Practised Bach preludes on the organ, played in jazz combo

Tasted and drank wine with friends

Travelled to Bordeaux, the Provence, Toscane, Sicily and Andalusia
Looked for houses at the estate agencies, drank wine and sherry

Composed and instructed analyse, counterpoint and syntax at the conservatory

Decided to go for a holiday to the Languedoc because the weather in Italy was so bad. Saw an abondaned Domain posted up at an estate agency in Béziers

Bought the Domain Bourdic

Red books about viniculture, wine-cellar knowledge, wine-cellar furnishing and machines

Took off the roof, isolated the roof, put on the roof
Drove the dredger, adjusted the compressors, shifted pipes
Mingled concrete and mingled concrete - mingled concrete

Trained as wine-grower in Switzerland

Bought tractor, de-stamming machine, tanks, pumps, cooling cluster, tubes and

September 1995 - finally

Highly motivated Hansruedi, Lukas, Margrith, François and I plunged into the first harvest. We worked day and night. At 3 o'clock in the morning we grant ourselves an overcooked spaghetti with parmasan and attack the new day after a few hours of sleep.
After a month we were exhaust, but overwhelmed happy to see our first wine in the tank

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