Tuesday, 6 February 2007


For 11 years we already live at Bourdic. People often ask me if I don't regret giving up the work with children. But no, not a single moment.
The work here is very different comparing to my former job. I can divide my days and there is nobody to account for. Most mornings I work at the office; reply to emails, do administration, try to sell our wines and prepare wine-trades. It takes a lot of writing. As during the winter it is extremely cold in my office, even dressed with gloves, shawl and wintercoat, I get totally frosen now and then. So in the afternoon I need some sunshine and I work in the vineyard.
I am pruning now and that's the kind of work that empties the head and gives some physical excercise.

Louis, who loves the vineyard, follows me step by step as a white shadow and he diggs for mouses and good smelling bones hidden in the ground.

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