Wednesday, 18 June 2008

The Assemblage

The assemblage is the day of reckoning at a vineyard. At Domaine Bourdic it is the moment when wines with names like Le Puech or L'Hortalesse are created by mixing grape varieties together, as opposed to wines called Tempranillo or Grenache which are made from one specific variety.
The assemblage is the moment when the viticulteur creates a prize-winning stunner or makes a pig’s ear of it; the moment when a year’s hard, painstaking work, and possibly the vineyard’s future, teeters on the refinement of Hans Hurlimann's taste buds and the confidence, or uncertainty, of his wine-making vision.
Discover the science and secrets of the assemblage and create your very own wine.

Saturday, 5th July 2008
9.00 a.m. at Domaine Bourdic

At your assemblage Hans will show you how to taste wine. He'll explain the basics of mixing wines and you can discuss it in detail over lunch. Best keep a clear head though, because you will then have the chance to create your own personal stunner, and take it home.

Price: 99 € Assemblage day
1 bottle of your own wine

Final date to reserve your place: 1st July 2008

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