Sunday, 19 October 2008

Harvest 2008

Because of the bad weather during the flowering season, some of our vines were hardly pollinated at all – and resulted in the loss of about a third of our yield. The quality of the grapes however, is excellent. Thanks to a rapid maturing and to the low temperatures, the grapes have kept their acidity. The ripened juices have a high alcohol content, hence the acidity.

White and Rose Wines
Whether we’re talking about the aromas, the alcohol content, the acidity or the lightness of the wines this year, there’s plenty of it. Given that nature is never the same, it’s not surprising that the wines differ from year to year. The 2008 vintage will be unique.
Red Wines
Our reds are recognisable by the very nature of their variety. Thanks to the lengthy pre-fermentation period they tend to be very aromatic and with their high acidity content, they are already clearly going to mature brilliantly.

To sum up: the 2008 grape harvest is of superior quality, if somewhat less abundant. (Except of course, for the 2,300 bottles of Rosé!)

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