Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Harvest 2007

2007 was not an easy year. Too little rain. And iagain and again this spring, the 'marin' wind would blow in from the sea, laden with moisture. Consequently, it was critical that we treated the vines against mildew at exactly the right moment . Thankfully we succeeded and could restrict the number of subsequent treatments during the summer and produce a healthy crop of grapes in the autumn. The hard work during the summer (palisage, leaf-removal, the green vendange) encouraged the grapes to an optimal maturity.
During the harvest, from August 31st to September 20th we benefitted from dry weather. We had only one rainstorm, brief but intense, which didn't harm the grapes. The quantity and quality of the grapes were equally satisfying. The Grenache and Cabernet harvest was nearly double last years' yield.
This year practically all the grapes were harvested by hand apart from the Syrah and the Cabernet. For the first time we also grew a white grape; an excellent Muscat albeit in limited quantities. The Vermentino-Roussanne blend promises a fresh wine with a lovely acidity.

In the cave we have gone to great lengths assembling our wines in order to achieve a richness of aroma, fruit and structure during the long period of vinification.
Our 2007 wines will be elegant, not too alcoholic, but with a good body and structure.

The 2007 rose is a blend of Cinsault, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. With each individual cepage we used a process called saignee, which involves drawing off a porportion of the pressed juice after 2-8 hours, and blending it all together before or after fermentation. This rose will be fresh, fruity and robust.

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