Thursday, 15 May 2008

Lovely month of May

The winegrowers are very stressed this time of the year, as you can read just below. So how did Hans & Christa spend their "Pentecôte"? They organised a walk in the vineyard on this Whit Monday. The month of May is so beautiful, they wanted to share this with wine friends. The broom is flowering, you can still find some wild asparagus and orchids. If you look at the pictures that Christa posted on the 9th of May, you might imagine the atmosphere and the lovely smells of wild flowers during the walk.

We started our day early with laying the tables outside, creating a degustation-place in the garden and preparing the lunch we offered after the walk. It seemed wonderful walking weather, not too hot with hardly any wind. At 9.30 our 38 guests arrived at Domaine Bourdic. To decide which language we could use, we discovered that we had a group of 5 different nationalities! Hans & Christa explained their work and shared their knowledge about winegrowing.

We tasted different wines while passing different winefields. It is a special experience to drink a wine while looking at the vine that produces it. Even to feel the leaves and touch the very small green baby grapes that start to grow now.

When we had the choice to take a short cut back to the Domaine or lengthen our walk a bit, we all choose the last option. It was wonderful!! Only a few drops of rain fell. And some more at the end. And just a few more when we came back. And just enough water to wet all the tables, chairs and table-cloths!

So while the wine tasting was moved into the cave, where our guests had the possibility to try all our wines, we laid the tables with dry cloths, this time indoors. The BBQ which was made outside on an open fire, was just ready when we decided to eat outside, because it was dry and a nice temperature. With the help of our friends we moved the tables again, ate nicely outdoors, just until it was too wet to stay outside.........

Isn't it wonderful to walk, drink, eat and move tables around with 38 wine friends???
Hope to see you on the 5th of October, when we will organise another guided walk with autumnal flowers. The vineyard will look completely different that time of the year and it may even stay dry!!!!

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